ATV and 4WD Trails Interactive Maps
Clicking on a trail name will take you to a web page that maps each trail starting from RedRock RV Park. Scroll down for additional off-road trails. Use the tools on the interactive map to expand the viewing resolution and to see the actual terrain from aerial or satellite photos. Click on the placemark icons to see images. NOTE: 4WD vehicles can navigate most of these trails, except where ATV only is noted.  Trails Help Page
Trail Name
Short Description
ROAD (see note)
Staley Springs Go right out of the park to explore the region West of Henry's Lake and the community of Staley Springs. On-Road
24 Miles RT
Sawtelle Peak Left from the park, along ATV Trails to the top of a 11,000 ft Peak with incredible views of Henry's Lake and more. You need to be Street Legal for some portions of this trip. On-Road
38 miles RT
South Side Henry's Lake A Short ride to the South Shore Access Ramp and then along the south shore of Henry's Lake. Beautiful Lake views. Off-Road
4.7 miles
Short Forest Trail A short trip into the nearby forest. Wildflowers and maybe some animals. Nice view of the lake and RV Park. Off-Road
2 miles RT
Divide Trail A long trip over the Continental Divide Trail via Red Rock Pass along the Montana/Idaho border. Side trips, but return the same path. On-Road
32 miles RT
Elk Lake, MT A long trip to a beautiful lake in Montana through some of Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge. Lunch at Elk Lake Camp and a side trip to Hidden Lake. A wonderful trip to paradise. On-Road
44 miles RT
Two Top Trail Trip to the top of the Yellowstone Plateau behind Two Top Mountain. On-Road
28 miles RT
Big Springs Trip to the source of Henry's Fork of the Snake River. On-Road
28 miles RT
Bear Gulch via Railroad Travel to Bear Gulch parking lot via the old Railroad Tracks (which were removed).ATV only trail. On-Road
84 miles RT
Fish Creek Trail Travel southeast of the RV Park up to the Yellowstone Plateau through forests. Climb the ancient Lava flow that came from the Yellowstone explosion. On-Road
49 miles RT
Stamp Meadows Trail Nice trip along the west side of the Snake River.(no river access) Loop trip. On-Road
32 miles RT
Gravelly Ridge Tour Great 4WD trip through the Gravelly Range. Loop trip through Madison River Valley, over the Gravelly Range Ridge road, and down the Centennial Valley back to RedRock RV Park. All day trip. On-Road 144 miles RT

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Note: some portion of these trails are over paved roads. Idaho state law requires that your ATV be properly equipped when "on-road" and that you and your ATV are licensed and insured properly. It is YOUR responsibility to know if you are obeying the law. Use these maps only as guides and only drive legally