Attractions and Scenic Drive Interactive Maps
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Drive Name
Short Description
Yellowstone Nat'l Park South Southern part of Yellowstone is a good day's tour from here. See animals, lakes, geysers, falls, thermal springs, rivers and more.
120 mi RT
Yellowstone Nat'l Park North Northern part of Yellowstone is a good day's tour. See animals, mountain scenery, geysers, rivers, falls, and more.
165 mi RT
Mesa Falls Scenic Byway A short trip brings a large scenic payoff at Mesa Falls. These falls are over 200 feet and provide a sensational display of water.
28 mi RT
Red Rock Lakes Nat'l Wildlife Refuge We are the gateway to one of the USA's largest Wildlife Refuges. It's home of the rare Trumpeter Swan, and many more birds and mammals. It's sooooo quiet and lonely out there (and relaxing).
65 mi RT
Big Springs, Island Park Spend a couple hours touring Big Springs, a beautiful spot where water bubbles out of the ground creating the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It's nearby and worth seeing.
26 mi RT
Harriman State Park A lovely part of the riverside ecology has been set aside in a state park that you can take gentle hikes and explore the river and its flora and fauna. State park fee applies ($4 per car).
52 mi RT
Cave Falls, Yellowstone A look at a different part of Yellowstone and a lovely staircase of falls on the Fall River in the southwest corner of the park. You can combine the trip to Mesa Falls with this one.
124 mi RT
Drive to the top of an 11,000' mountain and see the surroundings. A must-see tour. Opens about June 1st (but check at front-desk.)
37 mi RT
Visit the site of the 1959 earthquake that created Earthquake Lake and see the beautiful large Lake Hebgen. A trip well worth 3 or 4 hours of your time.
74 mi RT
Visit Cody, WY and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. A long day's Tour, but worth it for both the scenic and historical values. 5 museums in one, a great place to visit.
308 mi RT
Take this day tour of Old Montana (Virginia City and Nevada City, Ennis, and the Ranchlands of southwest Montana). Stop at the Lewis & Clark Caverns for a tour and drive the route of Lewis & Clark.
262 mi RT
This is a long day's tour of some beautiful alpine country with jagged mountain peaks and lakes with beautiful views of the Absaroka Mountains. Well worth the time if you have it.
262 mi RT
Note: Driving in this area is relatively safe. The main hazards are wildlife, inclement weather and running out of fuel in the backcountry. Make sure you know where you will find your next fueling station before you leave.