Birding Close to RedRock RV Park



RedRock RV Park is part of the greater Yellowstone Eco-system. Birds are everywhere. Rarer birds visit here on the way to and from their breeding locations. Raptors are the most exciting for most people, including the bald Eagle, the golden Eagle, the Osprey and the many hawks.

You'll find songbirds like the Grosbeak, the Western Tanager and hummingbirds in the park and the forest across the street.

Shore birds and raptors are found at nearby Henry's Lake and at the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, including the rare Trumpeter Swan and the majestic White Pelican. Be sure to visit the Bird Watching Platform on the south side of Henry's Lake, just a mile from us down the access road.

Bring your binoculars, telephoto lenses and your patience to observe many beautiful and interesting birds between Yellowstone National Park and our RV Park. The weather is often great for spending a day or more in the forest or next to the lakes looking for birds.

We are on the Idaho Birding Trail.

Download Bird list of Yellowstone.