Firehole River Fly Fishing Yellowstone

Firehole River Yellowstone

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The Firehole River, in spite of its temperature fluctuations, is a magnificent trout stream. It is beautiful and it is quite unique due to the hot springs, geysers and thermal features. These also make it minerally rich, which benefit the many fish in it. Often the colder streams that flow into the Firehole will be havens for fish escaping the summer heat. The best dry fly fishing for the Yellowstone Park opening is without question the Firehole river.

No floating devices are allowed in the river.

Read Yellowstone Regs here.

See discussion here for more detailed information.

All Native Fish are Catch and Release only.

Matching the hatch is usually a key to success in fishing this river.

Use barbless hooks ONLY and no natural or organic bait are allowed!

Bootjack Pass road is actually Red Rock Road.