Red Rock Lakes Nat'l Wildlife Refuge Fishing

Culver Pond RRLNWR

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The Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge offers fishing. It begins only about 14 miles west of the RV Park. However, Fishing on the Upper and Lower Red Rock Lakes and Swan Lake is NOT permitted. However, all streams, unless marked can be fished. Culver Pond and Widgeon Pond can also be fished. Red Rock Creek is also open.

Three trout, whitefish and Artic Greyling are found in these streams and ponds. Even if you don't catch something, the fishing experience in this refuge is serene and quiet!

Watch for Moose with calves in the tules along the streams. (and stay well clear of them!)

Montana Fishing Regulations and license is observed. See special regulations for the refuge.

Bootjack Pass road is actually Red Rock Road.