Madison River Fly Fishing South Fork

South Fork Madison

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The river starts in the lush meadows of Echo Canyon in Yellowstone Park and the upper sections along Rd 478 offer real solitude in fishing. The river here is shallow but some of the deep pools hide some larger fish. Past highway 191 as the River widens and meanders into Hebgen Lake, larger fish swim up into the river from the lake here. That is the most heavily fished and most productive part of this river.

The South Fork of the Madison River can be characterized as a classic, low gradient, pool/riffle meandering stream. In fall, it supports a large brown trout spawning run.

You need an Montana License to fish the South Fork of the Madison River.

Montana Fishing Regulations

You can reach the upper part of the river from Forest Road 478 or the lower from the Madison Arm road. See map.

Bootjack Pass road is actually Red Rock Road.