Gallatin River Fly Fishing - Montana

Gallatin River

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The Gallatin River flows out of Yellowstone north to the Missouri River. Between Yellowstone and Bozeman,MT are plenty of places for the fly-fisherman to pull over from the road and cast his line in scenic beauty. For most of this length, floating on the river is not permitted and special fishing regulations apply in the Park. Coupled with the excellent access found in the upper half, the Gallatin ranks as one of the finest wade fishing rivers in Montana.

MT Fishing Regulations

Big Sky Summary

Gallatin River offers great dry fly fishing on a river that has relatively few fishermen in beautiful surroundings. The fish are not finicky eaters, either, which makes the Gallatin River excellent for learning fly fishing. In the upper stretches, the river is not very deep, allowing it to be fully waded from shore to shore.

You'll need a Montana license to fish here.