Yellowstone Lake Fishing - National Park

Yellowstone Lake

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This is the main lake in Yellowstone but has little fishing pressure due to the abundance of trophy class streams and rivers. The native cut-throat trout grow large here. Quality fly fishing for cutthroat trout can be obtained fishing from the shoreline even though there are over 87,000 acres of lake.


If you use a boat or float tube, make sure you be aware that strong winds can blow here.

Read Yellowstone Regs here.

Quality fly fishing for native, 15–18 inch Yellowstone cutthroat is best from mid-July to the end of August when the Callibaetis flies hatch. The cut-throat will jump 6 feet to chase a Callibaetis imitation. There is a KILL ALL rule for any Laketrout that you catch. Cutthroat are Catch and Release only.

Use barbless hooks ONLY.

Bootjack Pass road is actually Red Rock Road.