Island Park Area History
People have inhabited and enjoyed this area for centuries!
Click HERE to read the history of this area. You'll appreciate your visit to RedRock RV Park more when you know the Indian heritage, the early settlers and the geologic history of the region.

The Island Park and greater Yellowstone area has a varied human history from pre-historic man through modern Indians to trappers, pioneer settlers and finally the modern residents and tourists. Presidents, royalty, and common people from almost every country in the world have visited this area over the last 150 years.

Island Park consists of a narrow strip of businesses and land next to US Highway 20 for 37 miles, the longest 'main street' in the USA. Mostly spring and summer residents take advantage of the areas' varied natural features and great weather. A small group of sturdy people (about 400) live here year-round and cater to the winter snowmobile and skiing tourists.

You'll feel our proud Heritage... come experience it.