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RedRock RV Park Photo Map

Madison River
The Upper Madison River is a world-renowned venue for fly-fishing. It's only 20 miles from the RV Park and there's plenty of places to put in. It is scenic and usually not too crowded. Even if you don't catch a trout, the scenery is worth the trip and more. Directions
Wade Lake
Wade Lake is a small lake in Montana with great fishing. Wade lake still holds the Montana State record brown trout at 29 pounds. Nearby is larger Cliff Lake. Cliff Lake held the Montana record for a Rainbow Trout at about twenty pounds and held it for over thirty years. Remember, you'll need Montana fishing licenses here. Directions
to Ennis, MT
Ennis, Montana provides a good example of a real western town and is worth a visit. Not too far from Ennis are the towns of Virginia City and Nevada City with many of the original buildings from the 1800's still standing. Nearby Ennis Lake provides good fishing opportunities. It has some large rainbow and brown trout that can be found in the deeper holes. It gets windy here a lot, so plan on a canoe or motorboat. Directions
Elk Lake, MT
Elk Lake is a quiet lake with great scenery and good fishing. Make sure the roads are dry before you start out for Elk Lake. Hidden Lake is about 5 miles further on dirt roads. Directions
Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, MT
Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is about 18 miles west of the RV Park. It features the Trumpeter Swans, and many other birds for a quiet day of serene mountain and lake scenery and wildlife. Maintained dirt roads in summer. Directions
Old Faithful, Yellowstone
Old Faithful is a must see. Only about 1.5 hour drive from RedRock RV Park , you'll be glad you saw this national treasure. Of course, there's so much more on the way to the geyesr to see. Look for Elk and Bison. Directions
Grand Teton National Park
A great day trip from the RV Park, the Grand Tetons are breathtaking. Plan on leaving early in the morning, to have plenty of time. Don't miss this trip. You can return through Yellowstone Park to make a grand round trip. Directions
Norris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone
Norris Geyer basin is another hotspot of activity with plenty of beautiful thermal pools and explosive geysers. Plan on spending a couple hours walking through this large area of thermal features. Directions
Henry's Lake
Henry's Lake is only 1 mile from RedRock RV Park. It often has great fishing, so plan to get your Idaho fishing license and try your hand at catching some of the big Trout hybrids. If you don't fish, go down to the lake and watch the variety of birds there.
Firehole Lake Drive
Firehole Lake Drive rewards you with beautiful thermal pools colored by Thermophilic bacteria. Great Fountain Geyser is one of the best geyers in Yellowstone. The geyser erupts every 9 to 15 hours. Great Fountain's maximum height ranges from about 75 feet to over 220 feet and the eruption can last over an hour. Be prepared to wait a bit for this. The possible eruption times are posted there. It's a great side trip even if you don't stay for the water works. Directions
Earthquake Lake MT
A short drive to Earthquake Lake visitor center rewards you with an interesting history of the formation of this unique lake. It was created after a massive earthquake struck on August 17, 1959, which killed 28 people. Some trees are still standing in the lake. It's not far from RedRock RV Park. Directions
Coffee Pot Rapids
Coffee Pot Rapids is a beautiful destination along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River, not far from the RV Park. If you walk all the way to the Rapids and back, it's about 5 miles, but the trip is worth it even if you just walk a mile. It's so peaceful and beautiful here. It's a flat walk except for the last part where you might have to scramble over some rocks. Bring water and a camera. Directions
Grand Prismatic Spring
Lower and Mid-Geyser basins offer many thermal pools and geyers. The Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world. From above it is one of the most beautiful natural features on Earth. Walk the boardwalk along side of it to see the subtle colors of brown, red, yellow and blue. Directions
Lamar Valley, Yellowstone
The Lamar Valley is a good day trip by the time you get through stopping along the way at all the magnificent scenery and wildlife in Yellowstone. It's a broad valley flanked by mountains and often much wildlife, esp. Bison, Elk, Pronghorn, Wolves, and Bears. Directions
Mesa Falls
Mesa Falls is another must visit when you stay at RedRock RV Park. There are two falls, Upper and Lower along the Snake River. Upper Mesa Falls is roughly 114 feet high and 300 feet wide. You can walk right to the brink of the Upper Falls (safely). It's a fantastic sight and sound and is only 37 miles from the RV Park. Directions
Harriman State Park
Harriman State Park is a large natural area south of Island Park. The Henry's Fork of the Snake river meanders through it and makes for some great fishing, wildflower viewing and birding. There is an entrance fee per vehicle. Directions
Mammoth Hot Springs
Mammoth Hot Springs is Yellowstone Park's headquarters and the location of a huge number of thermal features, like this Orange Springs Mound in the image here. You should take the short drive, but also park and walk the boardwalks along the massive terraces that stand above the small community here. Look for Elk in the town. Directions
Meadow Vue Ranch Rodeo
Just one mile to the west of us down Red Rock Road is the Meadow Vue Ranch. They hold western BBQ and Rodeos during the summer that gives you that Western experience you'll love. Ask at the office about hours and prices.
RedRock RV Park
RedRock RV Park is the starting point for exploring the Greater Yellowstone Area on this map. You'll love our quiet, off-the-highway venue combined with a great staff, clean facilities and magnificent views everywhere. Ask the staff if you have any questions about where to go and how to get there.
Yellowstone Canyon and Falls
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River should be close to the top of your list for exploring Yellowstone Park. Make sure you give yourself at least a 2 or 3 hours or more to explore it once you get there. There are several overlooks on both sides of the river near Canyon Village. Don't miss Artist and Inspiration Points! Directions
Sawtelle Peak Scenic Drive
RedRock RV Park sits below Sawtelle Peak, a 11,000 foot overlook of the Greater Yellowstone Area. There is a scenic (dirt) road that goes to the top in the summer. Fantastic displays of wildflowers greet you on the way up as well as 360 degree views of Henry's Lake, the Tetons, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and the Yellowstone Plateau. The road is wide, and well-maintained and not too scary. Before July, check to make sure it's open before you start. Directions
Gallatin River Valley
The Gallatin River flows from Yellowstone to the Jefferson River. Part of it flows through Yellowstone Park in this infrequently visited section of the park. Further down the river, the Gallatin River is one of the best whitewater runs in the Yellowstone-Teton Area. In June, when the snowmelt is released from the mountains, the river has a class IV section called the "Mad Mile." That section is over a mile long and contains continuous stretches of challenging whitewater. The drive from the RV Park to Bozeman goes through this beautiful stretch and little visited part of Yellowstone Park. Take a whitewater raft trip with one of the many providers. Directions
Island Park Reservoir
South of the RV Park is the Island Park Reservoir. This is a large lake created by damming the Snake River. It provides fishing, bird watching, and boating activities. This image shows a popular fishing spot right below the dam. Directions
Lake Hebgen MT
Hebgen Lake is formed by a dam on the Madison River. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in 1959 formed Earthquake Lake just downstream. Many fishermen boast they can find rising trout on any calm, sunny or overcast day, for four months out of the year starting in mid-May. You'll need a Montana fishing license here. Directions
Yellowstone Lake WY
Yellowstone Lake is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet (2,133 m) in North America and the largest body of water in the park. Probably one of the greatest views is from the West Thumb Geyser area. Powerboats, sailboats, canoes and kayaks are allowed on the lake with a Yellowstone Boating Permit and fishing with a fishing permit. Marinas are operated at Bridge Bay and West Thumb. Directions
Yellowstone West Thumb Geyser WY
One of the more interesting areas of the park is West Thumb Geyser area where geysers and thermal pools sit on the side and in the Yellowstone Lake. A short boardwalk takes you to all the major features and is well worth the short walk. Directions
Beartooth Highway WY
The Beartooth Highway is one of the most scenic alpine drives in the USA. It's a full day trip, but on a good day, it's really worth it. Just don't spend too much time in Yellowstone on your way. Beautiful lakes, wildflowers, birds, and animals await your arrival. Directions
Hayden Valley Yellowstone
Hayden Valley is a large valley in Yellowstone that straddles the Yellowstone River between Yellowstone Falls and Yellowstone Lake. It is an ancient lake bed from a time when Yellowstone Lake was a lot larger. This is a great place to view wildlife. The valley is named after the surveyor that helped establish Yellowstone as a park. Directions
Madison River Valley Yellowstone
Madison River and Valley greets you as you enter the park from West Yellowstone. It's an extremely scenic portion of the park and lots of animals can be seen, including Elk, Bison, Bear, Deer, Trumpeter Swans, Otters, Eagles and more. Take your time driving this portion of the park and pull off into the numerous sidings and explore. This is a popular fly fishing river. Directions
Blacktail Plateau Drive
Blacktail Deer Plateau is one of the most accessible plateaus in the park. This backcountry dirt road provides a quiet scenic drive through peaceful open country. Few people travel it. It is sometimes closed due to road conditions, so check before you go. Blacktail Deer Plateau takes its name from Blacktail Deer Creek which flows off the plateau. Directions
Sheepeater Cliff
Sheepeater Cliffs are exposed cliffs made up of columnar basalt. The lava was laid down here about a half million years ago during one of the periodic basaltic floods in the Yellowstone Caldera, and later exposed by the Gardner River which runs nearby. Directions
Madison Junction
Madison Junction is a crossroads in the park. Go north to Mammoth Springs, Norris Hot Springs, and Canyon. Go south to Old Faithful, West Thumb Geyser Basis and Tetons National Park. There is a large campground here and public restrooms. Take advantage! Directions
Fishing Bridge
Fishing Bridge is named after a 1902 bridge that served as Yellowstone's most popular angling location. During Yellowstone's early history crowds of fishermen would crowd this small fishing hole. Natural Bridge, an outcropping of rhyolite lava that was carved by erosion thousands of years ago can be reached by trail from nearby Bridge Bay. Yellowstone's only full-service RV Park is here. Directions
Sylvan Pass
Sylvan Pass is the park's East entrance at 8524 feet. It passes through Wyoming's Absaroka Range. Exit the park on a steep downhill to Cody, WY here. Beautiful Sylvan Lake is nearby. Look for Grizzly bears along this route. Directions
Virginia City MT
Virginia City, Montana, is frozen in time. It is a remarkably well preserved old west Victorian gold mining town. When the gold ran out, there was no money to remodel the buildings, so they still stand as they were when it was the capital city of the territory in 1865. With a population of over 10,000 in 1864, Virginia City was the largest town in the inland Northwest. Directions
Jenny Lake WY
Jenny Lake is a beautiful blue mountain lake set in the heart of Grand Teton National Park, at the base of Teewinot Mountain and formed by melting glaciers about 60,000 years ago. On the west side, the lake touches the Teton Mountain Range. The lake is about 260 feet deep. Directions 1 (via Yellowstone) / Directions 2 via Idaho
Jackson Lake WY
Jackson Lake is natural, except for the top 33 feet, which is due to the construction of Jackson Lake Dam, built in 1911. The lake is the remnant of large glacial gouging from the neighboring Teton Range, and is still fed by runoff from small glaciers near the peaks of those mountains. The main source of water is the Snake River, which flows in from the North. It has an imposing scenic value with the majestic Tetons as a backdrop. Directions 1 (via Yellowstone) / Directions 2 via Idaho
Gardiner MT Bozeman MT Ashton ID Rexburg ID Idaho Falls ID Tetonia ID Moran Jct WY Jackson WY Victor ID Sugar City ID West Yellowstone MT Cave Falls Yellowstone
Cave Falls is reached from the west, via Idaho. It's a nice drive along a fairly-well maintained dirt road to an isolated area of the Park. This waterfall of the Falls River is just twenty feet high, but its attraction rests in the fact that it is about 250 feet wide, making it the park's widest waterfall. Directions
Tetons from west
The west side of the Tetons can be viewed from several places in Idaho. This is along highway 32 looking east. If you go to the Teton National Park, return to RedRock RV Park along highway 32 for some great views. Directions
Mt Washburn Macks Inn ID Last Chance Island Park ID Roosevelt-Tower Junction NE Entrance-Cooke City MT Lower Red Rock Lake
Lower Red Rock Lake in Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge provides spacious views, lots of shorebirds, and quiet (except for a few bird sounds). Make sure the roads are passable. Stop at the Refuge Headquarters in Lakeview on the way. Directions
St Anthonys Dunes
These dunes are just outside St. Anthony, Idaho. The St. Anthony Sand Dunes consist of more than 11,000 acres of shifting, white quartz sand dunes up to 400 feet high that move about 8 feet each year. Directions
Canyon Village Area
Canyon Village is your base for exploration of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Visit the new Canyon Visitor Education Center here which explores the world of Yellowstone’s supervolcano. Food, gas and a rest stop is available before you explore the Yellowstone Canyon and its Falls. Directions
Big Springs
Big Springs is a large springs that is one of the sources of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Here water bubbles from the ground and huge trout beg for food at the bridge. No fishing here, but you can whet your appetite by seeing how big the trout get in these parts. Directions

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