Photography Hints

Self Portrait at Henrys Lake

A few hints from our resident photographer,
James Perdue

  1. Bring your camera's manual (print it off the internet if you can't find it.) Spend some time becoming reacquainted with some of the features of your camera. (See here for a list of the most common features of most digital cameras and what they do.)
  2. Frame your photo: make sure there are interesting elements and no distracting ones in your photo. Look in all four corners. Is your subject against a complicated background or another person behind them? If so, move a little to change it if possible. Use the ZOOM to isolate the subject.
  3. Try to keep the sun behind your camera to avoid lens flare. Time your trips to interesting places to position the sun on the subject, not behind it.
  4. Use fill-flash on close subjects. If your children are posing in front of a lake, use fill-flash to brighten their faces and get the lake in good exposure too. Have them look slightly away from the lens to avoid red-eye.
  5. Use the auto exposure modes of your camera. Most cameras have a dial for different situations. USE IT. It really will help. Use portrait settings for people close-ups, landscape, sports mode, etc. Read the Manual. It's easy to do.
  6. Use SPOT exposure mode to expose the most interesting objects properly. Use your camera's spot exposure mode to point at the clouds if those are more important, or at your animal subject. It's easier than you think.
  7. Steady the camera. More photos are ruined by fuzzy focus than anything else. If the light is low, you can be sure you'll need to steady the camera. Bring your arms in to your body and hold still. Use the 2 sec. timer to avoid camera shake when you press the shutter button.
  8. Take multiple photos of the same subject as insurance. Digital film is cheap.
  9. Backup your digital film.If you brought a computer, make sure you have a way to backup your digital film or bring plenty of it. Don't chance leaving it in your camera for the whole vacation. You may lose or drop your camera but you don't have to lose the photos too. Bring blank DVDs and backup the computer too!
  10. Early morning and late afternoon make best lighting. Use the natural color from early morning sunrise to late evening sunset to color your photos and cast long shadows.
  11. BE CREATIVE. Again, digital film is cheap so you can experiment. Take the photo and learn from what it tells you. Use your imagination to make a funny or sad or tricky photo. Learn to use your MACRO capability for flowers, insects, etc.
  12. Post Process your photos using a photo editor. GIMP is a free editor full of features. Most of all, crop your photos to remove distracting parts and adjust the contrast for better photos (Use auto-contrast). Have Fun and share them on the Internet!
Everyone wants to take photos of their vacation. Well, it's beautiful enough around here, that you might as well take GOOD photos. You don't have to have an expensive camera and lens to do a good job. We've provided a few hints that, if followed, might make your memories brighter and clearer for you.

RedRock RV Park and the surrounding area provides some of these great opportunities for photos:

  1. wildflowers
  2. mountain scenes
  3. storm skies
  4. sunset/sunrise
  5. rainbows
  6. moon
  7. Henry's lake
  8. birds (swans, eagles)
  9. insects (butterflies)
  10. fish and fishermen
  11. people (kid shots)
  12. animals (moose, fox, bear, coyotes)
  13. pets (dogs, cats, parrots, Macaws)
  14. Cows and Horses
  15. Rodeo Events
  16. Yellowstone
  17. RedRock Lakes Refuge
  18. Mesa Falls
  19. Snake River (coffee pot rapids)

Send your favorite photos to us so we can put them in our Visitor Gallery. Send a jpeg image attached to email to: or upload to our website here.