Precautions for Hiking in the Area
A little planning and a few precautions will improve your hike:
1 Study maps of the area. Detailed topographical maps are available at local sporting good stores. On longer hikes consider bringing a GPS or your smartphone and use it. (see Google MyTracks)
2 Bring insect repellent. Mosquitoes and biting flies can be bad at certain times of the year.
3 If you plan to hike longer distances, bring along a raincoat or warm jacket. Thunderstorms can occur at anytime during the spring, summer, and fall months. Check the forecast.
4 Be careful with fire (if you must have one), pack out all non-burnable trash, and leave a clean camp or picnic site.
5 Remember: wild animals are unpredictable. Give them a wide berth. Make noise on trails known to have bears. Talking is fine, but be alert for signs of bears. If you see one in the distance, back out. Don't run. Take bear spray.
6 While this area has beautiful lakes and clear streams, the parasite Giardia is found in most water sources. DO NOT DRINK directly from streams or lakes. Carry-in your drinking water, or purify stream water with a water filter, or boil it for an extended period.
7 The roads leading to access points and hiking trails may be unsuitable for certain vehicles during periods of inclement weather. Turn back rather than damage your vehicle.
8 Consider taking a Satellite Tracking device, like the inexpensive Spot Satellite Messenger with GPS Tracking device. It can provide 911 service or help service anywhere, and allows friends to track you on the web.
9 Don't forget your camera, extra batteries and digital cards and lenses.
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Note: You are responsible for your own safety on these trails. RedRock RV park makes no representation as to the safety of any trail listed on these web pages. Check local conditions before you depart and enjoy yourself. USE COMMON SENSE.