Privacy Policy

We aren't ones for big fancy legal statements but we thought you'd like to know our feelings about your privacy.


It's Yours....

RedRock RV Park

offers these privacy statements to you because we want you to know we are caring and responsible business owners who respect other people's privacy.

We assume you agree with these policies by paying us to stay with us. So please take the time to read them.


Speaking of privacy, we remind you that you are living in a cozy environment here and we might caution you to keep your blinds closed if you have anything you don't want seen inside your RV, or something that others might not WANT to see and to keep your voices down if you don't want something repeated. Just sayin'... we are all humans.

(except the dogs and cats in spite of what their owners think!)

We DO NOT collect any information from your visit to our web page. We will NOT suddenly serve you up RedRock RV Park ads when you next log in to your computer. We will not even tell anyone that you came here. It's our policy to keep your data where it belongs... with you.

That all being said, we of course are pleased to cooperate with any authorities who have legal access to our financial and booking records to help catch the bad guys.

We do retain records of your visit here and someday you could see an invitation to stay here again in your email box, but we currently don't do that and have no immediate plans to do so. We will NOT sell your name, address, phone number, twitter or facebook names, or email addresses to anyone or any corporation. PERIOD.

We protect your credit card numbers like they were our own and only retain them long enough to do our business with them. We promise not to charge any amount to them other than that which you authorized us on a phone call or by your signature, even in a dispute that might develop later. (We do NOT record your phone calls.) We do charge credit cards or debit cards the agreed upon amount if you violate our cancellation policy as stated elsewhere in our web pages.

If you choose to comment on our Guest Comment Page, that is your choice and we figure if you had something nice to say about us in public, we might just repeat that. We would never use your name or likeness in a printed ad without your written approval.

From time to time our photographer will take candid shots (still or video) of people doing what RVers do (mostly relax, have fun and eat), and you might see your photo on one of our web pages. If you do and you don't want it there, its as easy as asking us to have it taken down immediately. (We promise not to put any photos of you that might cause embarrassment on a web page, and we will NOT put your name on any photo unless you have given us permission to do so previously.) This doesn't apply if you have sent us your photos to display on our Guest Photos pages.

Emails that you send to us to ask questions, comment on our service, or even complain are kept on our computer systems for future reference, but they will NOT be used by us in any way to advertize without your permission. However, (God forbid), if we need to supply a court with information on any legal matters regarding your stay here, we might just forward any applicable e-mail from you to the requesting authority without your explicit permission.

We might need your name, address, phone number and vehicle license numbers if you stay here, whether you pay cash or credit. We might also ask to see your legal identification upon checking in with us. We will keep this information for our use if needed for any reason. If this is a problem for you, please discuss it with us in advance of payment.

Concerning our free Wi-Fi service, we do NOT have a way to figure out what you are doing on our Wi-Fi and frankly we all have enough to keep us busy such that we really don't want to know. However, we do know HOW MUCH of our Wi-Fi bandwidth you are consuming and WHEN you are logged on and off. This information may be kept for our records. Our Wi-Fi system is password-protected but it is not encrypted. We are not responsible for keeping your communications private from those that know more than we do, so be careful what you send and receive over the network, and ESPECIALLY don't do anything illegal on it, for we will cooperate with the authorities if asked to do so.

Just one more thing... If you send or forward your personal mail to our address, we figure you want us to get it to you. We will handle it enough to hold it for you, and we promise not to read it. (But don't put any incriminating sentences on the backs of post cards.) We do not log your sent or received mail in anyway. See our other mail handling page for further details.

By paying us to stay with us, we will assume you agree to this Privacy Policy. If any part of it is not understood, just let us know before you pay us.