Trails Interactive Maps HELP
1. From a main TRAILS page, click on the INTERACTIVE TRAILS link.
2 You'll be presented with a list of trails. Click on the TRAIL NAME (left column) for the trail of interest.
3 The map comes up with an overview map.
4 Change the TYPE OF MAP by clicking the MAP, SATELLITE, or HYBRID buttons in upper right.
5 View the TRAIL or OVERVIEW by clicking on the buttons in the lower right.
6 MOVE the map around by holding the left mouse button down and moving the little hand icon over the map. Or use the arrows in the control bar in the upper left.
7 View an image and description of a place along the trail by clicking on the CAMERA ICON.
8 Change the resolution (closer or further) by moving the slider (looks like a railroad track) up or down appropriately.
9 If you have the GOOGLE EARTH viewing software installed on your computer, click the GOOGLE EARTH link on the far left to load a .kml file from our web site that will overlay this trail on the map and allow you to see everything in 3 dimensions. This is really cool. If you have a powerful computer, load the free GOOGLE EARTH SOFTWARE here.
10 To return to the index of trails, click on one of these HIKING or ATV PAGE links.
Note: You are responsible for your own safety on these trails. Please observe the state laws and the laws of common sense. The weather may change dramatically at any time in this area so be prepared for colder weather, bring drinking water, plenty of fuel, and turn back if a trail or road or weather becomes too difficult or is unsafe to continue. Be Safe. RedRock RV park makes no representation as to the safety of any trail. Check local conditions before you depart and enjoy yourself.