About our RedRock Customer Photo Gallery

Our Customer Photo Gallery will display a random selection of 40 images from our customer photo collection and will repeat displaying these photos until you exit the web page. It draws from a collection of photos stored on Amazon's Simple Storage Service servers (S3) created by our customers and sent to us at photos at redrockrvpark.com .

Submitting Photos for this Gallery:

We will add appropriate photos to this gallery as we receive them. Appropriate photos include: landscapes of the surrounding area, people photos of your family while camping at our park, RV park photos of any kind, animals, birds, wildflowers, fish you caught and other vacation photos. We will not post inappropriate photos, or photos of really poor visual quality (we want this to be a pleasant experience for our web viewers.)

Please tell us WHO took the photo, WHAT the photo is about, and WHEN you visited us. We will reserve the right to crop the photos to size them properly for this display. Please send JPEG images no larger than 1 MByte in size. Send them as a mail attachment to:

photos at redrockrvpark.com (use the at sign '@' in place of the 'at')


use our special upload form.

To display a different set of 40 images, just click on the GET DIFFERENT IMAGES button. The display is limited to 40 at a time to avoid charging you with a lot of download time that might not be appreciated (especially if you are on a limited bandwidth service like I am). Every time you come to my home page you should see different photos. (Though you'll see a lot of repeats too since it currently has no memory of what you've seen before.)

The first time an image downloads, it stores itself into your browsers' cache so that it doesn't have to download from the Internet again. Therefore, the first time through, it might be a little slow. By the way, if for some reason, you don't want to download all 40 of the images, just move to another page and the downloading should stop unless you return to the home page.

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