Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR)

Stay the night for a refreshing shower...


The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) is a mountain bike route that roughly parallels the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).At 2,714 miles, it is the longest mapped and published off-pavement bike route in the world. The route crosses the Continental Divide a total of 30 times. It goes from Banff, Alberta in Canada to the New Mexico/Mexico border. A timed competition is held each year along this route. It takes an average of 10 weeks to complete the trip, though the record time is less than 17 days. RedRock RV Park is directly on this route and is proud to be a host to these tired and adventurous travelers and offers a place at a special discounted rate for them to pitch a tent, clean up, and get a good night's sleep. Just drop in at our office and ask for the Great Divide Biker Tent Rate (be sure to look grubby).

Many bikers following the bicycle route that parallels the Continental Divide Trail from Canada to Mexico pass right in front of our RV park. These adventurers now have a rest stop where they can shower and sleep in safety with a great rate, too.

Some along the route are actually racing to compete. Tour Divide is held every year. If you can't stop to sleep, stop here to rest, get your picture taken, or have a refreshing soda from our store. We'd love to hear your adventures!

About our Special Great Divide Biker Tent Rate:

  • $18 rate per person for one night only
  • Grassy sites only; no hookups (laptop & cell phone power available on our patio)
  • One shower (no towels or soap provided) and unlimited use of toliet!
  • Use of coin-operated Washer/Dryers (please, no waiting in the nude.)
  • For bicyclers only, no follow-cars or motor-bikes or motorcycles (though our normal tent rates do apply for them.)
  • Hikers of the Continental Divide Trail are welcome also for same rate (no bike required)
  • Free Wi-Fi to contact your friends and family and check the route weather (500 Mbyte limit).
  • Please check-in prior to 7 PM.
  • Telephone for use on our patio (You can access an 800 number for use with phone card for no charge.)
  • Click HERE to see photo of our Tent Area reserved for bikers. It's separate from the RVs.