Internet Access and WiFi

Welcome to the RedRock RV Park Wireless Internet Portal. We are happy to provide no-cost access to the Internet for our registered guests while camping here. We'd like to ask you to read these guidelines to avoid disappointment and to make everyone's stay more enjoyable. Our access to WiFi from our Internet provider is adequate for most usage, but they do NOT provide the high speed access necessary for movies and other high-bandwidth services.

1. Our WiFi service is offered as a free service to allow guests to use e-mail and do light-browsing such as browsing our own web site and others to find out information about sightseeing in the area.

2. Access to our wireless Internet Portal requires an access code which is issued to you upon registration. Once you connect with our wireless system, a logon screen is presented to you. Type the passcode as it is printed on your receipt. Do not share this passcode with any other people not registered on your site. Your passcode will expire after your departure. You are allowed an adequate number of devices using the same passcode for each person on your site.

3. We have a wireless internet mesh system. It is our intention to reach every RV site in the park with a usable WiFi signal using this system. Let us know if your signal is too weak to access our system. Moving your laptop to a different position in your RV can often eliminate signal problems. Avoid placing your laptop or tablet behind refrigerators or metal walls. Try it outside your RV.

4. Our WiFi is a shared resource with definite limits due to our rural location. The bandwidth is like the bandwidth you might have at home on your DSL but must be shared with all the other guests using the service at the same time. So, please be patient or use the service at times when others might be gone, like middle of the day or late at night. PLEASE consider turning off your connected PC's or Tablets during the night to avoid any large automatic downloads from vendors like Apple and Microsoft, or disconnect from our network when not using it. We are working with the local provider to improve this.

5. IMPORTANT: If you have your own WiFi access point transmitting in your coach, please make sure you are NOT using channel 1 or 11 or that it is turned off while staying here. We are broadcasting on channel 1 and 11, and you may interfere with those around you. We will ask you to change if you do interfere. Changing frequencies is usually easy to do. PLEASE do not use an external antenna that is broadcasting any Wifi signals outside your RV.

6. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES download movies, large files or stream video. This will cause everyone using our service to have greatly reduced access and transfer times. DO NOT use Netflix Streaming, Amazon Video-on-Demand, Hulu or other real-time movie services. Do NOT use VOIP telephone video services like SKYPE or FACETIME, or streaming radio. These services may be blocked by our router. If they are not blocked, that does NOT imply that it is ok to use the service.

*** We consider that transferring more than 500 Mbytes per day per user as excess usage.

8. We reserve the right to block or throttle any guest's access to our WiFi who is misusing our Internet system by exceeding our maximum transfer limits or performing any illegal activities. We log access to our system by site number, user, device and time of day and cooperate with all law enforcement agencies to solve internet crimes. If you use more than 500 MBytes per day, we will block or throttle your access until you can contact us. Continued over-usage may result in permanent blockage of your Internet access. Of course, we respect your privacy and do NOT log any information about your internet browsing locations.

9. Our campground hosts and owner are NOT computer or internet experts. You may tell them if there is no WiFi signal or if you feel there is some malfunction with our WiFi internet system, or if your passcode is not accepted but please don't expect them to help you troubleshoot. If you have troubles consult friends or our host may be able to direct you to a good samaritan guest in the park to help you.


NOTE: Verizon Wireless access is available here under some circumstances. Most customers find a 3G signal and maybe a 4G signal. Of course, you are welcome to use your equipment to access the Verizon network. These specific guidelines obviously do not apply to their service. Access to Verizon and other carriers are available on the hill above our RV Park (1/2 mile up the Henry's Lake South Access Road adjacent to our park). Higher speed bandwidth may be available to your portable devices using the appropriate carrier WIFI equipment or smartphone at that location. SKYPE and FACETIME conversations may be available there.