Links to Viewing the Skies


The greater Yellowstone area often has clear skies, no light pollution from large cities and a high altitude so that we can offer many clear viewing nights. Use your telescope or your binoculars or your keen eyes, but look up and behold the heavens like you can't at home.

Here are a few links to enhance your viewing of our great skies at RedRock RV Park:


Daily Dark Sky Schedule Naked Eye Stargazing Stargazing Books
Stargazing Binoculars
Moon Phase Calculator
What to see tonight (Stardate)
Google Sky Map (Android)

more links to come....


For observing objects in the Milky Way, the moon can interfere with its brighness. But of course, the moon itself is a wonderful celestial body to view. You can use mounted binoculars to look at the moon's craters. The moon is best viewed using a telescope, 3 days either side of first or last quarter (the craters are highly accentuated with elongated shadows). The Perseid Meteor Showers in August are great to view under our skies with only your eyes.

Shhh.. it's quiet (and dark) out here!

Come Join us at RedRock RV Park and enjoy the night skies too!