Elk Lake Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends a long trip (44 mi RT) to Elk Lake in Montana. You'll go over the Red Rock Pass into Montana on a pretty good gravel road. You'll pass large ranches with mountains on both sides. You won't see many people. You'll pass Hell-Roaring Creek, the source of the Missouri River, and you'll go by beautiful Red Rock Creek. Enter the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and turn to Elk Lake. This is a beautiful lake nestled between two mountains. Go for Lunch (12 - 1PM only) at the remote Elk Lake Lodge.
RedRock RV Park takes no responsibility for the safety of these trails. Conditions change often. Please use common sense when choosing a trail and be prepared to turn back if the trail or weather conditions are bad. Be sure to wear a helmet and abide by Montana's ATV laws.