Gravelly Ridge Tour

RedRock RV Park suggests this all-day trip along the ridge of Gravelly Range. You'll drive almost 140 miles, but you'll never forget it. It goes along the Madison River Valley then turns into the Gravelly Range for a feast of views, wildflowers, wildlife and quiet repose. You'll probably want your 4WD for this one. ATV's won't go that far without a lot of extra gas. Leave early in the morning to give you plenty of time to stop and savor the beauty of the 9000 foot region. Take enough auto fuel , food, water and a wrap, as you'll encounter nothing commercial on this trip. Enjoy our virtual tour by clicking on the TRAIL button below and then on the camera icons if you don't believe us! This interactive trail is large due to a lot of photos, so be patient with it loading! This road doesn't open until at least July 4. Check first.
RedRock RV Park takes no responsibility for the safety of these roads. Conditions change often. Please use common sense when choosing a road and be prepared to turn back if the road or weather conditions are bad.