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Check Out The New Additions To Redrock RV Park in 2020

  1. We have added many large 80' RV sites with 50/30Amp, water & sewer. Most are pull-thrus. Many of the new sites have a concrete patio with a fire ring. A new septic system and electric upgrade has been installed to handle these new sites.
  2. We are now in our new and larger office with space for customer crafts & meetings. We have an ADA ramp.
  3. We now have a spacious covered patio with propane fireplace for games, music, guest gatherings, crafts & games. We can host Bunco!
  4. Come play on our new pickleball court with an enclosed area.
  5. Our store has some convenience items again. Candy, sodas, ice cream, souvenirs, and more.
  6. We have a large playground with fun things to do for kids.
  7. We can now provide propane for your RV's.
  8. Our laundry room now has a quarter change machine.
  9. Try out our new amazing massage chairs in our new office for a deep relaxation after a hard day of having fun!

About RedRock RV Park

For those of you wanting a little more of a description of our park and are willing to read a bit, we think you'll find out more about why this is a favorite place to stay in this region. Read on!

RedRock RV Park is a small RV park located in the Greater Yellowstone area of central-eastern Idaho. It's a very special place to those lucky few of us that spend the entire summers here and from what the itinerant customers say, it's even a special place for just a few days. We know that from all the repeat customers we get here.

Our park is not immense, and that's one of the things you'll like. It's intimate but with plenty of space to stretch out. We have 90 full hookup sites and a few for tenters. Almost all have some view of the surrounding mountains and forest. Many of our sites have large grassy lawns and most have fire pits. Our new addition contains sites with concrete patio pads with built-in fire-rings. Most sites have one or more mature trees but not enough to keep you from getting your satellite signal or making you feel cramped. We have clean showers and a large laundry room if you would like to do some personal maintenance after a long road trip.

Our store features sodas, ice-cream, candy, t-shirts, and other keepsakes. We also sell propane for your RV at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves in keeping it neat and clean here. Our new pickleball court is sure to provide some family fun too. For those that don't bring their own ATV/UTV's several local companies rent them.

What makes us so special? First of all we are situated in a broad valley surrounded on all four sides by natural beauty. On our north is a rise of mountains that are part of the Henry's Lake mountains that trace the Continental Divide and the Idaho/Montana border. These mountains surround the major geological feature here: Henry's Lake, a major source of the Snake River. To our east, just a few miles is the plateau that makes up Yellowstone National Park and the Continental Divide and the Idaho/Wyoming border. To our south only a hundred yards from us is a rise of forested mountains that stretch for 70 miles called the Centennial Mountain Range that form the only east-west oriented range of the Rocky Mountains. We are situated directly below Sawtelle Peak, a 10,000 foot mountain that you can actually drive to the top of! To the west, Henry's Lake Mountains form the Continental Divide and the Idaho/Montana border at Red Rock Pass. Only 20 miles west of here is a large wildlife refuge, Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. No wonder we are special.

Further, we are off the US20 highway by five miles, down a paved country road that adds that sense of isolation and beauty you won't find on the busy highway.

Our park is only 1 mile from a primitive boat launch at Henry's Lake, one of the best fishing lakes in North America. Fishermen regularly take out 7 to 12 lb trout, and an occasional 18 pounder. It's a quiet lake, with no recreational boating other than by the fishermen. Birds love the lake too. Eagles, hawks, white pelicans, kingfishers, osprey and a variety of ducks and songbirds frequent the area.

Not far from here are other lakes, streams, and rivers that fisherman spend fruitful days fishing in peaceful relaxation. (These include the famous fly-fishing Madison river, Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Hebgen Lake, Island Park reservoir, the Yellowstone watershed and many more.)

Of course one of the biggest attractions to this area is Yellowstone National Park. We are about 22 miles from the West Yellowstone entrance. You can stay in RV Parks closer, but few if any will give you the peace and quiet of RedRock RV Park and at a lower cost. As we also said, we are 5 miles off Highway 20 where the large trucks, RV's, tourists, etc ply day and night. The road noise that you'll find at most of the other parks is non-existent here. So a lot of folks visit us for the quiet we offer.

You'll get to see wild animals and birds here. Of course, they aren't as numerous as in a protected area like Yellowstone Park or the Wildlife Refuge, but often in the evenings you can spot a moose or two, pronghorn, a fox, a deer, and maybe even a black bear. The word spreads fast in the park. The elk are pretty rare during the summer months but don't count them out. Bird lovers will find a large selection of birds as they spend the summer here and sometimes rest here on their migration north.

Next door is a large conservation protected ranch that perform rodeo's put on by the kids that stay there during the summer, prepare a great BBQ dinner and provide a relaxing view of the grazing cattle and horses next to Henry's Lake.

Nearby the Yellowstone Playhouse offers a great dinner theater with a very entertaining evening for when you return from a day of sightseeing.

We are only steps from the edges of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. The aspens, douglas firs, and pines provide cover for animals like bears, deer, fox, and moose. Further, there are a few short hiking trails that take you deep into the forest for a sample of the wilderness that is only steps from your RV. In the spring, you'll be rewarded by wildflowers growing in the adjacent meadows and the forest, like the tiny pink fairyslipper orchid and the Red and Yellow Columbines. During certain periods these meadows are mats of beautiful yellow and white flowers (mule-ears) that take your breath away. We've counted and photographed over 200 different wildflowers near us. (See our wildflower diary and gallery).

There's a forest road about 1/4 mile from us (west) that takes you into the forest along a dirt road that is best walked, but you can ATV in there. It's about a mile to the end. Walking allows you to hear the birds and see the wildflowers. At the end of the road, you can walk west and follow a couple other paths further into the forest where you cross a creek. It's a lot of beauty to explore for a little effort that is well worth it.

Walk down to Henry's Lake along the south access road (less than a mile) and you'll be greeted by many other wildflowers that grow among the sagebrush. Turn around and look at Sawtelle Peak and the expansive ranch that is covered in yellow dandelions and blue camas during spring blooming periods. When you get to the top of the ridge you'll have a 360-degree view of Henry's Lake, the Centennial Mountains, the Yellowstone Plateau and the just maybe, the blankets of wildflowers. You'll then know why you came here. The walk is easy and down by the lake you can just hang out looking at the ducks (walk west along the lake as far as you can without getting wet to see most of them) or watching the fishermen relax (until they hook a big fish). The kingfishers, eagles and the big white pelicans hang out here too. Watch a flock of the huge white pelican's line up for a landing and you'll swear you just saw a group of 747's landing on the lake!

Return to the park along the same access road, or if you are up to a bit longer hike, (4 miles) go east along the lake and turn back south when you hit the lake cabins. You'll have spectacular views of Henry's Lake and Mountains along most of this path.

RVers with ATV's enjoy our park because it's a great base to explore this large region. Of course, it will depend on your ATV/UTV, your licenses and your willingness to explore, but there are many trails and roads for the avid ATV/UTVer. A trip up to the Continental Divide overlooking Henry's Lake (to our west) is especially enjoyable.

The fall season in RedRock RV Park is spectacular. The whole area has turned into yellows, oranges, and reds from the aspens and a few maples. Visit us in September and you'll know what I mean. Take a day trip to the Tetons from here for even more color.

Another great relaxing trip in your car or ATV/UTV is to go west along Red Rock road up to Red Rock Pass, only about 7 miles, but you'll climb to the Red Rock Pass which marks the Continental Divide and the Idaho/Montana border. Follow that road another few miles to be in the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. You can spend the whole day there looking for animals and birds or just enjoying the breathtaking scenery. The west Centennial Mountains are especially scenic. Take a side trip to Elk Lake and have lunch there at the resort ( by reservations only).

The number of day trips and short trips possible from here is numerous and many are detailed in our Attractions section in detail with photos and maps you can print (see the menu on our web page). The point is, RedRock RV Park is a great base for visiting these beautiful places and a great place for relaxing upon your return from them. It's quiet, friendly, and never more than a few steps from the forest or lake.

Consider visiting us for a few days or a week or two. Yellowstone Park is nearby but for most of us that stay here all summer, it's only one of the reasons to stay. Come and find out the others.

Don't miss our RV Park's photo gallery, featuring still images of the area around our Park here.

PS. We write RedRock RV Park without a space between Red and Rock, not Red Rock RV Park.


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