Island Park Attractions

Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls consists of two spectacular displays of water about a half-mile from each other. On the other side of Island Park from the RV Park, it is an enjoyable ride closely following the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Stairs take you to a dramatic overlook almost on the top of the falls and provides a safe and closeup look of the brink of the falls. The Lower Falls are equally impressive but you don't get as close to them as at Upper Falls. There is a $5 parking fee unless you have the proper Federal Pass to park at the Upper Falls.

Sawtelle Peak Tour

Visit the top of an 10,000 foot peak overlooking Henry's Lake, RedRock RV Park, Teton Range and the entire greater Yellowstone region. On the right day you can see for 100 miles in all directions. Best photography of Henry's Lake is later in the afternoon. Drive up a wide gravel road through the forest and in spring and early summer watch for the wildflowers. This is not to miss. You might see deer, elk or bear too! About 37 miles round trip from the RedRock RV Park.

Big Springs

Visit the source of Henry's Fork of the Snake River on this 26-mile round trip to Big Springs. The water bubbles out of beautiful underground springs originating in the Yellowstone Plateau above. LARGE trout congregate under the bridge here looking for handouts (bring bread). NO FISHING or BOATING here.

Harriman State Park

The Henry's Fork of the Snake River winds through Harriman State Park. Harriman State Park lies in the heart of a 16,000-acre wildlife reserve in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This sanctuary protects a diversity of birds and mammals similar to those living in nearby Yellowstone National Park. There is a $5 vehicle fee. There is hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and just enjoying the park and its old ranch buildings. The Park is west of Highway 20 south of Island Park. It's about a 26-mile drive from our RV park to the State Park.

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