Guest Mail Delivery

Outgoing Mail

As a courtesy to our guests, mail can be left in our office. We will attempt to place it in the mailbox prior to pickup on the same day, but there are no guarantees as this requires us to drive about 10 miles round trip to the mailbox in a timely fashion, which is not always possible. If you need something to go out immediately, you can drive it to Mack's Inn Post Office by 1:30 PM for posting (except Sunday). You can also drop it off yourself at the mailboxes at the intersection of US20 and Red Rock Road. If you get it there by about noon it should be picked up. There are slots for outgoing mail. The slot only accepts letters (Netflix envelopes will fit). Mack's Inn Post Office is INSIDE the Builder's Supply Hardware store in Mack's Inn (South Big Springs Road off of US20)

Mail Delivery for Guests at our Park

As a courtesy to our guests, mail may be delivered to this address:

Your Name
c/o RedRock RV Park
3707 Red Rock Road
Island Park, ID 83429-5003

For safest handling of mail, consider having it sent to General Delivery, about 10 miles from us at Mack's Inn Post Office (208-558-7070) (See map on the right):

Your Name
General Delivery
Macks Inn, ID 83433-9999

We do not normally deliver mail to your site, so we appreciate it when you track it closely so you can pick it up from our office promptly.

We will RETURN the mail to sender if you do not pick it up from our store within 7 days.

Package Delivery for Guests at our Park

Packages sent by the USPS that are too big for our mailbox will have an attempted-delivery slip in our mail for you. (The Post Office delivery person does NOT drive out to our park on Red Rock Road.) You'll then have to pick up any such package at the main post office in Island Park (not Mack's Inn) which is about 15.5 miles from here (south on US 20). We suggest you call them to verify they are holding the package before you drive there. (800-473-3762)

UPS, DHL and FedEx will deliver here, usually in the same time or 1 day later than the normal shipment times for non-rural areas. Our office staff will sign for the delivery and will make an effort to make sure the package is safe in our office, but they are NOT signing to be responsible for the safety of your package. Please use the Internet to track your package so that you'll know when it arrives so you can come to the office as soon thereafter as possible to pick it up.

Sometimes at the request of the sender, the package delivery carrier will deliver a package to a USPS hub (like Idaho Falls) and will have the US Post Office in Island Park deliver it to our mailbox. If the package is too large for our box (about 8" x 6" x 4") or a signature is required, an attempted-delivery slip will be left for you as described above.

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