Off Road Trails

We offer this information for your convenience and enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy our beautiful area while respecting it at the same time, leaving it in good shape for the next visitors.

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NOTE: We have a quiet policy that prohibits UTV's, motorcycles or any vehicle from riding around the RV park for purposes other than whats necessary to get to and from their site. Please drive very slowly within the park to reduce noise and dust and respect the safety of children playing.

All meadows across from the RV Park are off-limits to OHV by order of the US Forest Service.

Please respect our wildflowers!

RedRock RV Park offers access to many scenic OHV Trails: (off-highway vehicle) UTV, motorized trail bikes, motorcycles, and 4WD automobiles.

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Off-road UTV Rules include: helmets under 18; muffler & spark arrestors. On-road also include: driver's license, registration, license plate, liability Insurance proof; brake Lights, mirrors. READ THE PDF of STATE OF IDAHO OHV rules

NOTE: RedRock RV Park accepts no liability for your travels on these trails. It is YOUR responsibility to find out if they are safe and that your skills are sufficient for riding them. Trails can be quite muddy and difficult after a rain or snow. Use caution and plan your trip with adequate food, water, and clothing. Take a cell phone with full battery for your safety if you have a breakdown or accident.

OFF-ROAD does NOT mean OFF-TRAIL. Please stay on the trails and maintain the beauty of our area for others.

Staley Springs - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this short trip to Staley Springs on the west side of Henry's Lake. Pass a large cattle ranch and get a different perspective of Henry's Lake. This trail is NOT a loop: you must turn around at the highway and come back. It's 24 miles RT.

Sawtelle Peak - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this breath-taking trip up Sawtelle Peak. At 10,000 feet you'll see forever, into Yellowstone, the Tetons, Red Rock Lakes Wildlife Refuge, Madison Range and best of all an expansive view of Henry's Lake. A 38 mile RT, it is a trip good for street legal ATV'er, 4WD, or regular car. Carry a heavy wrap, as it is very windy and cold on top.

Henry's Lake South Access Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this short 5 mile exploration around the south end of beautiful Henry's Lake. Stop at the top and enjoy the view of Henry's Lake and Black Mountain in the background. You are surrounded by Idaho, Montana and Wyoming as you gaze around you.

Short Forest Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this short trip into the nearby forest. Wildflowers and maybe some animals await you. Nice view of the lake and RV Park. It's best to walk it, but if you must, you can take your ATV or 4WD. It's only 2 miles RT.

Continental Divide ATV/4WD Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this beautiful trail along the Continental Divide, actually along the Henry's Lake Mountains ridge. Go west out of the RV Park to Red Rock Pass and then north at the Continental Divide Trail. Follow the map. Wildflowers, vistas of Henry's Lake and more.

Elk Lake Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends a long trip (44 mi RT) to Elk Lake in Montana. You'll go over the Red Rock Pass into Montana on a pretty good gravel road. You'll pass large ranches with mountains on both sides. You won't see many people. You'll pass Hell-Roaring Creek, the source of the Missouri River, and you'll go by beautiful Red Rock Creek. Enter the Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and turn to Elk Lake. This is a beautiful lake nestled between two mountains. Go for Lunch (12 - 1PM only) at the remote Elk Lake Lodge.

Two Top Mountain Trail - View Trail

This trail goes east and ends on the Yellowstone Plateau just on the Wyoming/Idaho border. It crosses highway 20 (careful) and joins trail Nf-061 as it goes up a canyon before climbing to the bowl behind Two Top Mountain (about 7800 feet). The creek there is Tygee Creek and you'll see Beaver ponds along the creek. The trip is 14 miles one-way. You'll have to double back. Watch for bears at the top.

Big Springs Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this medium length drive (28 mi RT) to Big Springs, where the Henry's Fork of the Snake River begins bubbling out of the ground. A beautiful place to visit, with large fish under the bridge to view (no fishing!). Good trip for any vehicle.

Bear Gulch via Railroad ATV Trail - View Trail

RedRock RV Park recommends this long and interesting ATV trail. You travel to Bear Gulch parking lot just north of Ashton, ID via the old Railroad Tracks (which were removed).ATV only trail, 84 miles round-trip.

Fish Creek ATV/4WD Trail - View Trail

Travel southeast of the RV Park up to the Yellowstone Plateau through forests. Climb the ancient Lava flow that came from the Yellowstone explosion.

Gravelly Ridge Tour - View Trail

RedRock RV Park suggests this all-day trip along the ridge of Gravelly Range. You'll drive almost 140 miles, but you'll never forget it. It goes along the Madison River Valley then turns into the Gravelly Range for a feast of views, wildflowers, wildlife and quiet repose. You'll probably want your 4WD for this one. ATV's won't go that far without a lot of extra gas. Leave early in the morning to give you plenty of time to stop and savor the beauty of the 9000 foot region. Take enough auto fuel , food, water and a wrap, as you'll encounter nothing commercial on this trip. Enjoy our virtual tour by clicking on the TRAIL button below and then on the camera icons if you don't believe us! This interactive trail is large due to a lot of photos, so be patient with it loading! This road doesn't open until at least July 4. Check first.


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