Terms and Conditions

Summary: A deposit of $100 is required for a reservation. Notify us prior to 7 days and receive your entire deposit back. If you cancel within the 7 day period, we keep the deposit. If you cancel within 24 hours or don't show up, we charge your credit card the entire amount of the rental. Within 72 hours you can apply the deposit to another available time period with a $25 processing fee. We require a $1,000 pre-authorization on a valid credit card for any damages that might occur. We require that you sign a rental agreement stipulating your understanding of your responsibility in renting our equipment.

Detail: Deposits are required to hold a rental item for your use on a specific day. Once you have provided a credit card or other valid form of payment to us, our responsibility is to provide the selected equipment in good working order at the time and date of your reservation. If you decide, for whatever reason, that the equipment cannot be used at that time, you have a responsibility to notify us prior to 7 days before the rental date. If you cannot notify us within 7 days of the rental date/time, you agree to forfeit your deposit. We may have lost business because of your decision and we agree that the amount of the deposit compensates us for our loss. If you cancel within 24 hours or do not show, the entire rental amount will be charged. If you decide to merely postpone your reservation to another available time and notify us within 72 hours, a processing fee of $25 will be assessed and the amount of your deposit will be credited to your new reservation deposit.

Detail: If the equipment is not in working order when you arrive to check out or is not available for other reasons, we have no responsibility but to refund your deposit or allow you to apply it to another date/time. If the equipment breaks down and prevents you from continuing with the use of the equipment and it is not your fault, our liability only extends to refunding the entire amount of your rental fee or providing another equipment to continue, or to schedule another rental date. If weather prevents you from safely using the rented equipment (in our estimation), your entire deposit can be refunded or applied to another date/time.

Damages: We require a $1,000 pre-authorized charge to your credit card (not debit card) for any potential damages to the equipment. Your credit card will NOT be charged if you bring the equipment back without damage. If the equipment is damaged and damage is determined to be due to your negligence or mis-use, we will charge you for its repair(parts and labor) using factory parts up to the determined cost. We will notify you and charge your card within 5 days if we can't immediately determine the cost of the damage. (NOTE: Many credit card companies will continue the $1,000 hold on your funds for up to 5 days.) If you maliciously damage or steal our equipment we will charge you for a total loss of the equipment or its repair and optionally pursue civil or criminal court proceedings.

Late Charges: We may charge you an additional amount for returning the equipment after the agreed upon time. Half-day rentals that are returned late may impact other renters and will incur a $75 per hour charge. Full-day rentals returned late may incur a $100 per hour charge. Late charges are pro-rated to the nearest 1/4 hour.

Fuel surcharge: In lieu of a per-gallon charge for fuel usage, renters will be charged a surcharge for fuel. There are no fuel stations near us so we understand it is difficult to return the equipment with a full tank. Half-day rentals will incur a $20 fuel charge and full-day rentals will incur a $35 fuel charge. This will be added to the stated rental charges and applied to your credit card.


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